The sales refund indicated herein is regarding about sales of products and services made by Inpend at

For purchases made at third party vendors or websites, we do not take any responsibility for it.

Please direct those refund or cancellation requests to their respective companies.

We will do our best to include the contacts of those companies that we deal with or at least have a partnership in some form.

Unless the services or products are those of Inpend.


For example if you buy an insurance policy following one of our lead forms then you are taken to the insurer website where you complete everything else, in that case it will be the insurer that you have to contact if you need a refund of a product or service.


Also purchases may seem as if it was done at without going to the insurers website, still in that case we don’t refund or cancel it because a sale was made while you were still on our website doesn’t mean we belong those products or services. Purchasing items while you are still on the referrer website is called, “Binding”. We bind or embed a web form from the insurers website server and makes it as if it were on our website but technically it is hosted on the insurer side.

Any insurance quote is submitted to the insurer.

All in all, any purchase data is hosted by the insurer and any refund or cancellation of products or services should be directed to them.